26 Years of Delivering High-quality Engineering Services Powered by AiDE SDLC™

With over 5,000 engineers and a rich 26-year legacy, we have delivered cutting-edge, high-quality tech products and solutions to a diverse clientele. At the core of our offerings is AiDE SDLC™, our enterprise generative AI solution, which elevates the performance of our engineers and delivers high-quality products and services with at least 30% efficiency across the product development lifecycle.

Increase Productivity and Speed to Market at Zero Additional Cost

AiDE SDLC™ is an enterprise generative AI solution that super-charges the activities of all our employees – from designers, architects, developers, testers, and marketers, recruiters to HR professionals. We leverage AiDE SDLC™ to guarantee superior performance, quality, and enterprise security at no additional cost!


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Powered by the AiDE™ Fabric

Powered by the AiDE™ Fabric

Powered by the proprietary AiDE™ Fabric, AiDE SDLC™ utilizes diverse LLMs, commercial, open source, and custom, tailored for varied use cases, optimized for cost, performance, and quality.

Integrations for the End-to-end SDLC Pipeline

Integration with Project Management tools, collaboration tools, and IDE plugins, to allow for AI-driven task assignment, resource allocation, code compilation, and testing to be done in one place, with an integrated feedback loop.

Integrations For the End-to-end SDLC Pipeline
>Expert Persona Libraries

Expert Persona Libraries

Trained by our best-in-class expert personas with boilerplate templates and generative AI-driven proactive recommendations to assure high-quality output for our engineers.

Moderated Access Control
Moderated Access Control

Access control for engineers that enables or disables access to the various features of the AiDE SDLC™ solution based on pre-defined rules.

Customizable Guidelines & Coding Standards
Customizable Guidelines & Coding Standards

Trained on industry-leading security guidelines, coding standards, and seamless code generation.

Real-time Analytics Dashboard
Real-time Analytics Dashboard

Uses AI in offering streamlined quality assurance with report generation and creation of intuitive charts, graphs, and dashboards to present key insights to stakeholders.


How AiDE SDLC™ Drives Business Impact

Explore innovative applications across various industries and domains that will enable you to do things better and faster. Delve into our collection of business-transforming success stories and pioneering solutions.

Product Development
Product Development
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Transform Software Development for a Healthcare Company

Our AiDE SDLC™ powered engineers developed a clinical site management application with automated code generation, UI mockups, and seamless script automation. AiDE SDLC™ translated natural language into functional code, streamlined testing, and CI/CD pipeline creation, resulting in a 41% increase in efficiency.

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Accelerating Product Development for a Leading Technology Solutions Provider

AiDE SDLC™ simplified the development of an enrollment portal with reduced manual efforts. This AI-enabled software development resulted in a significant decrease in both time and cost. It also improved the code quality, accuracy, and security.

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AiDE SDLC™: Gold Stevie for 'Technical Innovation of the Year'
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Protecting client data has always been our primary concern. Our solutions can be deployed on-premises, providing an added layer of protection for your valuable data. ValueLabs is a SOC2 Type II certified company and ensures that your data remains safe and secure.

AI-driven quality assurance is at the heart of what we do, and we have addressed it at two levels. We selected an LLM model that is specifically designed for employing AI in software development, giving you a solid foundation. We have also fine-tuned our model by leveraging our expertise and delivery IP accumulated over the years.

The AiDE™ LLM fabric consists of various industry and service-specific versions. This results in a highly trained and efficient LLM experience optimized for each client and user. Our proprietary solution is also LLM-agnostic and can be tweaked as per your unique requirements. If you need, we can also employ any commercially available LLMs.
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Software Development

Accelerate software development with AiDE SDLC™. Generate code, streamline workflows, and enhance security effortlessly.


Simplify quality engineering processes with AiDE SDLC™. Generate comprehensive test cases and scripts effortlessly, reducing time and effort.


Build and train machine learning models effortlessly with AiDE SDLC™, enabling tasks such as sentiment analysis and object detection.


Modernize legacy systems seamlessly with AiDE SDLC™. Generate code and documentation, integrate components, and transform architectures effortlessly.

Intelligent Automation

Empower seamless automation of tasks with AiDE SDLC™. Achieve network monitoring for service desk operations, effortlessly enhancing efficiency and reliability.


Transform sketches and features to intuitive user interfaces, responsive designs and code snippets effortlessly with AiDE SDLC™.

DevSecOps & SRE

AiDE SDLC™ seamlessly integrates DevSecOps and SRE practices, automating security testing, monitoring, and infrastructure management for enhanced reliability and security.


Streamline cloud infrastructure provisioning, automation, and security with generated code that adheres to best practices with AiDE SDLC™.

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