Optimizing Enterprise Support

AiDE Chat optimized and automated processes like service requests, reducing manual intervention and employee wait time, while enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.


Complex Workflows and Manual Service Requests

The client faced challenges due to the lack of a central source of process documentation and resolution steps resulting in an inconsistent experience for employees. Since the processes were handled manually by human agents, the wait time was long, and the lack of system integration led to loss in productivity and additional overhead for the agents. Business users also didn’t have access and visibility of the open incidents and past resolution history, in order to prioritize and draw insights.

  • Workflow Simplicity
  • Open Incidents Accessibility
  • Service Request Automation
  • Streamlining workflows for intuitive and speedy resolution was difficult due to the lack of central documentation
  • Continuous process improvement was limited due to lack of accessibility of open incidents and past resolution history
  • Long wait times and overheads was impacting productivity due to manual and redundant service request processing


Enhancing Productivity with Automated AI-based Conversational Agent

AiDE Chat optimized processes, minimized manual intervention, and improved operational efficiency. The user interface underwent simplification for a more user-friendly experience. Revamped open incident management now promptly and accurately displays incidents under the user's profile, streamlining issue resolution. This led to increased productivity, enabling the human team to focus only on high priority items that need their attention.

Impact Created

Reduced Operating Costs & Increased Productivity

Users now experience a more efficient workflow, with streamlined processes leading to quicker issue resolution. The accuracy of incident visibility has notably improved, contributing to a more responsive support system. The implementation of automated service requests has streamlined operations, reducing processing time and enhancing overall user satisfaction.

  • Increased productivity and improved employee experience
  • Reduced processing and wait time for users
  • Reduced operating costs and manual overhead

Components Used

AiDE Chat

  • In this use case, we used components of AiDE Chat such as the conversational FAQ, process automation, training, continuous learning, agent assist, analytics and admin modules.

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