Crafting Seamless Experiences with AiDE Chat

AiDE Chat successfully reduced the burden on human customer support agents for a Media and Entertainment company. AiDE Chat stepped-in as an AI-powered conversational customer service agent to resolve customer queries in real-time with empathetic responses. This resulted in reduced wait-time and improved experience for the customer, while simultaneously alleviating pressure on the human customer support agents.


Better Customer Support

Our client offers a premium subscription for a smart set-top box that enables subscribers to watch both live TV and OTT content. They wanted to modernize their offerings with a conversational AI chat agent while maintaining the sense of empathy in human customer support interactions.

  • Legacy System
  • Analytics Gap
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Integrating seamless interoperability between the new AI features and the legacy system
  • Lack of analytics to understand user behavior, hindering informed decision-making for content recommendations
  • Ensuring a positive user experience amid evolving subscriber expectations


Optimized Decision-Making with Empathetic Interactions

Leveraging AI, AiDE Chat provided precise recommendations, thus optimizing decision-making. Interacting in natural human language, the conversational agent displayed pertinent screens while offering a suitable response.

Impact Created

Effortless Integration & Empathetic Resolution with AI-powered Chat Agent

We seamlessly integrated AiDE Chat into our client's smart set-top box system. Being a versatile conversational customer support chat agent, it adeptly resolved, in real-time, customer queries 24/7 by infusing each interaction with empathy and continuously learning from every engagement. Through this integration, we empowered users with a responsive and empathetic AI experience.

  • Faster query resolution
  • Improved user satisfaction
  • Increased cross-sell/upsell user subscriptions

Components Used

AiDE Chat

  • With AiDE Chat, we enabled Dynamic UX for our client while also providing easy customization through the admin portal. The analytics portal further helped enhance the decision-making. AiDE Chat seamlessly integrates with upstream & downstream systems and performs AI-powered resolution & troubleshooting for faster query resolution.

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