Robust On-demand Data Management Solution

AiDE Data Hub streamlines data management with on-the-fly synthetic data creation, masking, anonymization, and cleansing and manipulation for enhanced security and efficiency.


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Streamlined integration to multiple data sources

Streamlined Integration to Multiple Data Sources

Seamlessly connects to on-premise and cloud systems, facilitating integration with data lakes and more.

Data Anonymization & Profiling

Masks data based on custom rules and generates data profiling and anonymization reports, offering insights and privacy protection.

Data anonymization & profiling
Test data synthesis & subsetting

Test Data Synthesis & Subsetting

Generates the required volume of test datasets for testing models and systems, transforms original data into synthetic datasets and subsets it to meet user-defined criteria.

Conversational natural language queries to generate test data
Conversational Natural Language Queries to Generate Test Data

Transforms natural language questions into programming queries to extract and customize data effortlessly.

In-flight data masking
In-flight Data Masking

Performs in-flight data masking, preserving referential integrity while securing sensitive information.


Scale with Reliable Test Data on the AiDE Platform

Our test data generation tool provides intuitive, instantaneous, and scalable test data at your fingertips. AiDE Data Hub has proven successful in driving innovation and efficiency across various industries.

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Our test data management solution can either be an on-premises or cloud-based application.

We provide support for the following database connectors:
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • MS SQL Server
  • Mongo DB
  • Oracle
  • API
  • SFTP
If you do not find your desired connector, please reach out to us .

Yes, cloud sources like S3, Snowflake, and Data Lakes are supported.
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Optimize testing workflows with AiDE Data Hub, ensuring high-quality data for rigorous quality engineering processes.


Meet the training data needs for your AI & ML solutions with AiDE Data Hub, tailored to your machine learning initiatives.

Intelligent Automation

Enhance your automation capabilities by integrating seamlessly with AiDE Data Hub. Optimize data management processes.

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