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AiDE Recruit saves time and ensures top-notch candidate sourcing with automated screening. The AI-based recruitment solution leverages predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to elevate efficiency and set the stage for organizational success.


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Resume and Job Description Integration

Resume and Job Description Integration

Through advanced analytics, AiDE Recruit helps recruiters gauge the degree of match & assess the candidate’s suitability for the role. The AI hiring platform enables smart screening to match profiles to job descriptions & displays a percentage match to the required job description.

Customizable Questionnaire

AiDE Recruit empowers recruiters with flexibility. Choose the number and type of questions for assessments – be it MCQs, technical queries, or theoretical evaluations. The AI recruitment platform adapts to diverse evaluation criteria seamlessly.

Customizable Questionnaire
Candidate-friendly Assessment Platform

Candidate-friendly Assessment Platform

Candidates effortlessly log in through the provided link, experiencing a user-friendly interface with seamless navigation while they participate in the assessment process on AiDE Recruit.

Automated Assessment
Automated Assessment

AiDE Recruit automates assessment evaluation, analyzing responses against criteria to determine if candidates meet cut-offs with bias control. On average, it saves 35% of the interviewer’s time.

Integrated Question Framing
Integrated Question Framing

The AI-based hiring solution uses AiDE™ to frame questions that align seamlessly with the job description. It ensures that the questions are not only relevant but also comprehensive, allowing for a thorough assessment of each candidate's capabilities and job fitment.


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AiDE Recruit optimizes recruitment with automated screening, customizable assessments, and AI-driven evaluations, ensuring top-tier candidate sourcing. The AiDE Platform delivers high-quality hiring, among other use cases across business functions.

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Use actionable insights for effective decision making with AiDE Recruit, driving talent acquisition strategies for success.


Enjoy a seamless recruitment process with AiDE Recruit, with scalable Cloud infrastructure to enhance hiring efficiency.


Achieve an intuitive, engaging and effective hiring experience through user-centric design with AiDE Recruit.


Automate data-driven hiring decisions, optimize candidate selection with intelligent machine learning algorithms for better outcomes with AiDE Recruit.


Empower your BPO & KPO operations with AiDE Recruit, streamlining talent sourcing & acquisition for optimal performance and productivity.

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