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AiDE Chat™ is a conversational text & voice AI agent that addresses customer and employee queries 24/7 with accuracy and empathy.


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Agent assist & training model

Agent Assist & Training Model

Human agents can review the responses from AiDE Chat™, and tweak as needed before sending it to the end-user. They can access the summary of the conversation on-demand reducing the need to ask customers redundant questions. The solution has self-learning capabilities and can be trained to suit diverse use cases.

AI-powered Resolution & Troubleshooting

The AI can take control of the user’s screen and perform troubleshooting steps automatically without having to wait for a human agent to be at their desk – automated remote access so that the user knows exactly the steps that are being taken to resolve their concern.

AI powered resolution & troubleshooting
Analytics & Admin portals

Analytics & Admin Portals

The analytics portal offers insights on CSAT metrics, deflection rate, contact frequency, etc., and the admin portal allows intuitive customization and updation of the training documentation, agent tone guidelines, and specific business rules and alerts needed.

Dynamic UX backed by real-time user patterns
Dynamic UX Backed by Real-time User Patterns

The interface dynamically evolves based on the current user interactions and sends proactive alerts to product and tech teams based on user patterns.

Integrates with upstream & downstream systems
Integrates with Upstream & Downstream Systems

It seamlessly integrates with external APIs and systems, enabling end-to-end query resolution and process automation.

Self-serve knowledge base management
Self-serve Knowledge Base Management

The underlying knowledge base can be easily updated and refined by business users directly and responses will stick to the guardrails set by the knowledge base.

Live agent transfer
Live Agent Transfer

Integrations to existing platforms so that calls and chats can be transferred to a human expert whenever requested or required.


Real World Applications of AiDE Chat™

Customer Support
Enterprise Support
Customer Support
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AI-driven Customer Service with Guardrails for a Leading Financial Institution

AiDE Chat™ trained on the Auto Loan FAQs of our banking client, to enable precise and natural human responses for increased customer stickiness. It uses the 'Guardrails' feature for guiding off-topic queries to human support agents and ensuring...

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Streamline IT Support for a Major Manufacturer and Retailer

AiDE Chat™ optimized and automated processes like service requests, reducing manual intervention and employee wait time, while enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

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Simplify Customer Service for a Media and Entertainment Company

AiDE Chat™ successfully reduced the burden on human customer support agents for a Premium OTT and Satellite service...

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AiDE Chat™: Bronze Stevie for 'Customer Service Solution'

Transforming Support with the AiDE Platform

AiDE Chat™, our conversational AI chat agent understands user queries and always responds with empathy. The AiDE Platform offers various applications using solutions like AiDE Chat™ that open the door to a myriad of customizable success stories spanning industries and business functions.

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Intelligent Automation

Automate support tasks with AiDE Chat™, providing real-time assistance with accuracy and empathy for enhanced customer satisfaction.


Augment IT infrastructure with agile engineering services and AiDE Chat™ for seamless support and enhanced user experience.


Modernize BPO & KPO services with intelligent conversational support and achieve enhanced efficiency and client satisfaction.


Elevate brand experiences with AiDE Chat™ seamlessly integrated into UX design, ensuring intuitive and empathetic user interactions.


Empower AI & ML endeavors with AiDE Chat™ integration, enriching user experiences through intelligent conversational interfaces.


Revolutionize customer engagement with mobile app solutions of AiDE Chat™. Integrate AI-powered chat features for an unparalleled user experience.

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