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AiDE Vault is a data visualization tool that simplifies data management across various dimensions. The conversational analytics platform supports embedded reports from various tools like PowerBI, Tableau and others, ensuring flexibility. This data reporting solution helps governance by configuring DevOps tools for Data Ops, BI Ops, and ML Ops.


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A central repository for data elements, their business definitions, and report usage. Promotes collaboration and adoption by providing a common language for IT and business teams.

Data Indexing

Data quality is a crucial aspect of data platforms, capable of determining the success or failure of investments. With AiDE Vault, you can showcase and quantify data quality efforts transparently.

Data Indexing
Conversational Data Discovery

Conversational Data Discovery

Simply ask questions in natural language, and the AI-powered conversational analytics solution will produce relevant data and reports. To ensure optimal performance, we utilize the glossary and fine-tuned AI models. It's all about having a reliable data foundation for results you can trust.

My Personal AI Assistant
My Personal AI Assistant

Request assistance in natural human language without any manual technical intervention. Log tickets using text or voice directly, eliminating the need to toggle between multiple systems.

Operations and Governance
Operations and Governance

Effective change management, speed, and efficiency are important for success and adoption. Version control and deployments in a unified platform for enhanced user experience and accelerated velocity.

Reports and Integrations
Reports and Integrations

Enable teams with valuable insights through the integration of existing BI reports & analytics.

Surveys and Feedback
Surveys and Feedback

Gather feedback on feature benefits and recommendations for improvement in an intuitive and comprehensive manner.


How AiDE Vault Drives Results

Data Management
Data Transformation
Elevated Data Reporting for a Licensed Barcode Provider

Elevated Data Reporting for a Licensed Barcode Provider

Our client faced challenges with data analysis, KPI alignment, and tool usage. We addressed these by implementing our Governance and Reporting Solution – AiDE Vault, creating business glossaries and reports, and embedding existing BI reports. The data discovery capabilities of AiDE Vault improved data access and exploration, resulting in a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for the client.

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Improved Reporting for an AI-based Payment Management Platform

Improved Reporting for an AI-based Payment Management Platform

Our client was grappling with reporting issues due to the absence of a unified data platform. Their dependence on a BI tool resulted in delayed report generation, inconsistencies, and a reliance on IT. With the deployment of AiDE Vault, data was centralized, reporting became consistent, and confidence in data accuracy was boosted.

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Data to Impact with the AiDE® Platform

AiDE Vault, our data and analytics tool, simplifies data management for everyone. The AiDE® Platform delivers custom-made use cases utilizing solutions, such as AiDE Vault, with versatile applications spanning industries.

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  • BI tools have evolved, and they keep adding more and more features to ease report-building efforts. But at the same time, the data tools have evolved too. What we observed is that the landscape is fragmented. Too many options to cater to different persona, leading to poor experience and minimal adoption.
  • Our focus with AiDE Vault is to bring these moving parts together. And let business users adopt the outcomes of all these tools/techs seamlessly.
  • Quoting one of our clients, ‘AiDE Vault is for Data & Analytics Governance, with adoption as the only success criteria.’

AiDE Vault offers different components like
  • Business Glossary – Definitions for attributes and mapping to reports
  • Reports – Embedded, can be built into any tool that offers the embedding option
  • Data Discovery – Guided and AI-driven report/data exploration
  • Data Index – Quality scoring and monitoring
  • Operations – Integration to Data/BI/ML Ops
  • Survey – Define and execute surveys to gather user feedback/inputs
Looking for more? Have ideas? Please connect with us here. We’ll be happy to discuss and add meaningful and impactful features that help with usage and adoption.

Different options including but not limited to, w.r.t. loading attributes (columns) are
  • Extracting metadata from BI tools using APIs
  • Extracting from Data catalogue tools using APIs/Connectors
  • Leverage existing documentation/portals like SharePoint
  • Collaborate with Business users/SMEs to populate definitions if no source/records exist
  • Glossary – Attributes and Definitions are also mapped to Reporting Inventory and Guided Analytics options. Allowing users to search and consume content easily.
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