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This data analytics reporting and visualization solution enables data accessibility cost-effectively. From report templates to self-service, AiDE BI is here for you. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, you can empower your teams to build reports on their own without the hassle of costs skyrocketing with more usage.


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Data Insights & Visualization

Data Insights & Visualization

Effortlessly connect to multiple data sources and databases for analytics report generation with a simple drag-and-drop interface to gain real-time data insights. The functionality of AiDE BI empowers you with efficient and dynamic data analysis.

User-friendly Data Exploration

Redefine your analytics experience with AI-powered dynamic dashboards, smart data filtering, and self-service data exploration. This business intelligence solution gives you the power to make interactive, informed decisions.

User-friendly Data Exploration
Exports and Integrations

Exports and Integrations

Versatile export options (PDF & image) and integrations into external apps for seamless workflow management.


Unlocking Opportunities with AiDE BI

Bottom Line Savings for a Healthcare Benefits Analytics Platform
Report Migration

Bottom Line Savings for a Healthcare Benefits Analytics Platform

We transitioned the client from an on-premises RDBMS to a cloud-based AiDE BI, tailoring it to meet their specific requirements and delivering business impacting reports. We incorporated features such as database write-back and date filters and integrated AiDE BI into their existing portal.

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Uncovering Actionable Insights with the AiDE® Platform

Our BI analytics solution empowers informed decision-making with real-time data insights, offering a user-friendly experience for efficient data analysis. Explore diverse success stories on our AiDE® Platform to better understand the implementation of AiDE BI for your business.

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  • Modern BI tools are rich in features and keep advancing the capabilities that ease report/insight generation. However, they do come at a price, which sometimes is not affordable for clients leading to poor solutions or minimal/limited usage.
  • Hence, we built this solution that offers the minimum features and meets the maximum needs. Again, not to compete with leaders out there in the market but to cater to specific success stories like Embedded Reporting and Self-Service.

AiDE BI purely focuses on reporting aspects and will depend on the underlying data foundation for accuracy and performance.

  • Entire reports can be exported to PDF and PPT formats
  • Tabular data in reports can be exported to Excel format
  • Visuals/Charts can also be Copied/Downloaded individually
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Access actionable insights effortlessly with AiDE BI, simplifying data analytics for informed decision-making on a large scale.


Harness AI-driven analytics to empower scalable decision-making and access dynamic insights effortlessly with AiDE BI.


Enable intuitive business intelligence with AiDE BI, providing essential features for impactful insights without breaking the bank.

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